We've had many of clients asking us for advice on how to fix their outgrown nails and extensions during the current lockdown. To thank them for their on going support, we have created a few short videos to help demonstrate how to repair broken/extended tips and maintain natural nails.


Over the years professionalism and hygiene have been the ethos for us at Fabulous Fingers. To eliminate 'cross infection' we have always issued our clients with their own set of nail files etc. - we call this a 'FFINK' (Fabulous Fingers Individual Nail Kit). Due to the current Covid-19 crisis we have decided to make FFINK available to anyone who wishes to have their own safe and hygienic nail kit that can be used to maintain their nails at home or 'in-salon'.

FFINK will be launched in June. To register your interest please email dbora@ffink.co.uk

'Lockdown' Nail Care Tutorial

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